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The Next Artist
mentorship program

The opportunity to grow from a starving artist to a professional poet performing when & where you want to

The basics


Consistent one-on-one meetings to map out & discuss growth


Professional development that will impress event organizers & publishers


Acquire consistent paid gigs & opportunities to take your dream stages


The Next Artist is a one-on-one mentorship program. Caleb "The Negro Artist" Rainey teaches rising poets/spoken word artists professional development such as how to take those first steps, establish success habits, find performances, network successfully, acquire paid gigs, produce high quality events, and even make a career out of poetry & performance if they want to. 

Through this program Caleb will be your mentor and your accountability partner. With consistent meetings and 24/7 access to Caleb's support you will have what so many artists need--someone who is going to answer your questions and check that you finished that project, sent that email, went to that show, etc. 

Most importantly, The Next Artist mentorship program is specially tailored to each mentee's specific dreams & goals. 

Extra perks


A one-on-one workshop with a professional marketer


Discounts to specific events & virtual workshops


A one-on-one zoom call with another big-name professional poet


An opportunity to go on tour with Caleb!

by Hannah/Charlie Hall

In what ways have you seen yourself grow through this program? 


Learning to run myself as a business was a big part of this program. The nice part is that it extends to other parts of my life as well. My consistency with the mundane parts of work like emails and setting up gigs are doing a lot better, and that's coming from a person who has a lot of trouble with that. I have learned how to network; which is very much a “use it or lose it” skill. I learned how to find gigs and events for this artform that really tends to hide its opportunities online. I also feel like I have learned a realistic idea of what can be accomplished and how, which for me, turned out to be more than I thought.


What was your biggest take away from this mentorship program? 


Accomplishing big goals happens by splitting them up into many different small goals. If you do that, the whole process becomes digestible. 


What was the most challenging part of the program?


Getting out in the world consistently to go to events you’ve never been to. Or fighting the urge to stay home after a long day instead of going to a reading at a bookstore. 


Did you feel supported beyond your weekly one-on-one meetings? If yes, how so? 


I was always able to text Caleb if I had an additional question or needed another set of eyes. Also, Caleb would send events I didn't find my way, or even offer opportunities to me.


What advice would you give anyone starting the mentorship program? 


Don’t be afraid to be ambitious.


Do you feel confident you can book more paid gigs after participating in this program? 


Yes, absolutely.

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